Kitchen unit spray painting

ColourHaus offers the complete solution for modernising and refreshing the look and feel of your kitchen.

We spray paint the internal and external doors and drawers of your kitchen units, including the plinths, cornices, end-panels, tiles and all the edges.

The process is much quicker and cost-effective compared to replacement as all spraying is done on-site. You’ll have your kitchen looking refreshed and renewed in less than a day.

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Spray painting back to new

On-site kitchen door spray painting instantly refreshes the appearance of your kitchen without you needing to replace your kitchen units.

According to the Home Advice Guide 2018, a medium-sized kitchen ranges from £3000 to upwards of £10 000. This excludes removing old kitchen units and installation costs.

Save yourself the unnecessary spending and hours of time by opting for a kitchen respray instead. You’ll be pleased you did.

Why opt for kitchen unit respraying?

  • Spray painting offers a more cost-effective solution to restore and renew rather than replace your kitchen units and doors.

  • The spray painting process is less time consuming and cleaner than replacing existing kitchen units and doors.

  • Modernise your kitchen and feel inspired to cook in a rejuvenated environment.

  • Spray painting on-site saves time and produces a quick transformation.

  • Our spray paints contain molecular bonding structures that become part of the material its sprayed on, resulting in a durable and long-lasting paint finish.

  • With a 5-year guarantee on colour stability and paint adhesion, your kitchen will look factory new for years to come.

  • Spray painting is far better for the environment compared to the manufacturing and transportation of new kitchen units.

  • Have your kitchen units resprayed with any colour you can imagine. Our database contains over 175 000 high-quality spray paint colours for you to choose from.


The kitchen unit spray painting process

Our spray painting process is proven to give optimum results in the shortest space of time, causing minimal disruption to your household and ensuring the process is clean fast, and finished to the highest standard.  

What to expect?

  1. Upon arrival, and you showing us every detail of your kitchen, we’ll get started with removing and labeling doors and handles. The rest of your kitchen will be protected from any spray residue.

  2. Surfaces requiring spray painting will be cleaned, prepared and masked. We use the latest in paint technology which means that sanding and applying primers isn’t always necessary (depending on the material).

  3. Kitchen unit doors will be taken outside to be spray painted in the van, or under a gazebo.

  4. We’ll then apply up to three coats of spray paint.

  5. Each coat will take between 3-5 minutes to complete, and units will be touch dry in 10 minutes after the final coat has been applied. At 20°C all spray painted surfaces will be 70% cured in an hour.

  6. Once all doors and panels have dried, they will be expertly refitted, the masking and kitchen protection will be removed, and your kitchen will be ready for use again.


uPVC spray paints in any colour


Choose from any Farrow & Ball, British Standard, Dulux or RAL colours, or take advantage of our free colour-matching service if you are able to provide a sample of the colour you are looking to match. A sample can be anything no smaller than a 10p coin in size.

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